Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Molly and the Forbidden Fruit

Molly and the Forbidden Fruit is an adult-targetted comic book and is a dark story about the morbid behaviour of the protaganist named Molly. The selected visuals depict some portions of the storyline. The story starts with Molly eating a forbidden fruit in the dark woods. The plot enters into its disturbing phase when Molly vomits an identical being of herself. Shocked by this occurrence, Molly can only bring her clone home as a playmate. But the arrival of a new pet results in Molly losing interest and she subsequently locks the clone in the cupboard. Re-opening the cupboard two weeks later, Molly discovers that her clone is dead. The warped storyline has Molly cooking her clone and inviting her friends to dine at a party. At the end of the story, Molly's friends are mass-vomiting clones on the table.

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